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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tips Tp Decorate Your Living Room - Part 2

Hah! Kita sambung cerita cemana nak ceriakan our living room kay?

6. Arrange Furniture for Conversation

Living rooms are gathering spaces, so use furniture arrangement to promote conversation and interaction. Pull seating pieces away from the walls and arrange them to face each other. If you have a large living room, break it into two conversational groups for a more comfortable, intimate feeling.

7. Plan for Inviting Lighting

Lighting in the living room should be geared toward creating a relaxed, comfortable mood. Aim for layers of light, and position light sources so they form roughly a triangle to ensure good distribution of illumination.

8. Dress Your Windows

Although heavy window treatments are mostly a thing of the past, living room is the place for elaboration and luxury if you're so inclined. The combination of relaxed shades and floor-to-ceiling draperies can be understated yet elegant.

9. Design Your Media

If your living room is also your family room, watching TV may be the main use of the room. Whether you have the newest model or an older one, incorporate it into the room's design so that it's a feature but not dominant.

10. Accessorize With Art and Decorations

Living room walls come alive when you use them to display art or collections that you love. Group items for impact, and hang them low enough to relate to nearby furnishings or architecture. The most common mistake in hanging pictures is putting them too high so please avoid the mistake!

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