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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tips To Decorate Your Living Room - Part 1

Since I have started talking about house, which the area I specify and mentioned most in my blog, memang tak renti lah I akan korek all related to it. Rasanya I belum pernah share pasal tips on how to decorate living room kan? Ok lah, let me share with you:-

1. Set the Mood with Color

The color you choose will definitely affect how guests feel in the space. Colors can energize or relax the space, depending on how intense they are and how warm or cool they are. For example, a serene scheme of soft blue and white makes your spacious living room feel calm, cool, and collected. In other words, gracious setting for elegant gatherings. A light tan carpet underfoot can also warms the space and keeps the cool tones in balance.

2. Finish the Walls and Ceilings 

Traditionally, the walls of the living room receive more elaborate or formal treatment than other rooms because the room is a public space. To make it a welcoming room that expresses your personality, choose wallcoverings or treatments that reflect your style. The walls in this room are wallpapered with a chic print. The effect brings warmth and texture to the walls and gives them a look of antiquity.

3. Add Character with Architectural Trimwork

Trimwork serves practical purposes, covering the seams where floors and ceilings meet walls and supporting the structure around openings. But these elements serve aesthetic purposes too. The style of trimwork helps give your home a distinctive look, whether classical, contemporary, old-world, or regional.

4. Choose Stylish, Comfortable Flooring
In keeping with the function of the living room as a public space, choose a floor covering that provides comfort underfoot and makes a design statement as well. You can always choose either a vibrant carpet or timber flooring for the said.

5. Create a Focal Point

In most living spaces, the television is the true center of attention. To keep them from competing, pair them up. A beautiful view or a stunning piece of art can also serve as a room's focal point.

To be continued...

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