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Thursday, March 7, 2013

During Installation...

Remember few days ago I ada cerita pasal make-up for our house.. And this is the continuation. weii.. sesabau ler sikit... kasi surprise sikit.. baru best...

Team 1 sudah sampai.. tapi sudah sesat jalan sebelum sampai... tak polah, asal selamat sampai rumah den. Kok tak jumpo kang, parah! Tu the big bosses (referring to the two kay) sudah keluar to inspect things!

Up you go to tingkat atas.. Wa couldn't imagine what will happen to our lantai.. Don't want to imagine also..

Ops!! Bebaik panjat tu, kang kepala kena kipas.. nasib tak on, if not mau putus!

Hah! Tu dia! Tinggi menjulang!

The rest of the teams (Team 2 & 3) came to rescue because it was almost late eve tapi tak settle yet. They had problem to modify things to cater my hubby's requirements actually. I nak cerita kat sini pun macam susah nak explain..

Tu dia ambik kau! Kan akak dah habaq siang-siang tadi.. berterabur sana-sini. Tu belum kira habuk lagi tu.. Then belum termasuk pekerja yang entah berapa orang tu.. But at the end of the day, they managed to settle things and I should give my thumbs up for their job done. Well done actually. And these are the people from  the same company where I did my wardrobe, kitchen (rumah lama, rumah baru), tv cabinets and all.


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