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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Al-fatihah to My Dear Boss

I'm speechless, disbelieve for what I heard about the demise of my boss.. It was a schock to me and to all of us (in the office) that he has left us (forever..).. Still remember our last conversation last week when we had such a fun conversation...
I don't have words to say here.. Still don't have mood to concentrate in doing work. Not only me but the rest of the team. We miss him already because he's such a nice boss and person.
May Allah bless the soul of him with abundance of rahmah and place him amongst the solihin, forgive all his sins and accept all his good deeds. May Allah grant patience and strength to his family in going through this trying time. Al Fatihah....


  1. sakit apa. umur berapa? laki ker? i know how it felt having to lose a colleague dulu all of sudden. 1 min she was there, 1 min she's gone just like that. meninggal lepas hantar dia pi hospital...hanis

  2. Heart attack leaving 4 daughters and a housewife... aged 48

  3. thats so young still. But Allah knows best. Hope all of you and his family coping well...semoga rohnya dicucuri Allah beserta limpah kurnia keampunan dan kerahmatan hanis.


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