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Friday, November 9, 2012

Psychology of Colors (in House) - Part 2

Ha..sambung, sambung.. ni cerita pasal post psychology of colors lagi.. I malas nak tulis berjela2 dalam satu entry nanti orang tengok pun tak dak syok ooo...


Pink is the most passive of all colours, promoting affability while discouraging aggression against oneself as well as others.

- Considered the most feminine colour, pink is associated with nurturing and compassion.

- Pink calms and soothes, and is thought to aid in digestion.

- Shocking pink has a much higher concentration of red, making it appear energetic, fun and trendy.

- Men prefer peachy pinks to mauvey ones.


Sensitive and kind, with a sweet disposition. They wouldn't mind a return to more innocent times and crave romance in your life.

 Ni my adopted room kat rumah lama.. nak tau pasal cerita bilik ni, cari lah kat entry lama I... so sweet kan?

Brown is a warm, comforting colour associated with the earth, trees, hearth, and home.

- People tend to buy big-ticket products in neutral colours, especially in an uncertain economy. Browns both put consumers at ease and are considered timeless.

- Brown has a common feel in clothing, making one look approachable, reliable and sincere.

- Brown has a masculine, rugged quality that particularly appeals to men.

- Paper-bag brown is used in packaging to denote a natural product.

Down-to-earth and a dependable, loyal friend. Your home and family are very important to you and comfort is the key issue in life.

This is our dining room. Actually my hubby memang suka brown. Dulu I tak suka tapi dah lama kahwin and his interest to this color makes me tersampuk also. And our new house di dorminasi oleh brown color also...

Gray represents non-involvement, giving it a formal, dignified, and conservative authority.

- Unlike neutral brown, gray lacks warmth, which can make it appear remote, solemn, and a bit gloomy when used alone.

- Gray is associated with wisdom and maturity, adding to its moneyed appeal.

- Metallic grays offer the promise of scientific and technological advances, as well as a sense of speed and competence.

- Grays are cool and restful in home decor, but also discourage lively conversation and offer an unattractive backdrop for food.


A watcher rather than a participator and are reserved in social situations. Generally noncommittal, they don't like to firm up plans until the very last moment.

We don't have gray in our houses, baik rumah lama or rumah sekarang.. nampak macam kusam jer.. next color please...

WHITE - I tak ada lah nak colorkan fon't ni to white... kang macam hantu, tak nampak perkataan "white" tu kang..
White symbolizes purity, innocence, goodness and truth.

- Even though white is neutral, it is considered a cool colour because of its association with snow and ice.

- White is often thought to suggest simplicity, sterility, and safety.

- White is popular on the packaging of dairy products, low-fat items, and refined ingredients such as sugar and flour.

Ni plan asal our wardrobe for master bedroom... Both of us tak suka white ni for our room sebab nampak macam tak kena lah.. unless for bilik anak gadis, boleh ler...

Black, the most authoritative, intimidating colour, can appear agggressive when overused.

- Black is considered conservative, serious, and dignified and is used to show respect at solemn and formal occasions.

- Black gives a feeling of weight and depth. People think black boxes weigh more than white ones.

- Text is difficult to read against a black background.
This is our kitchen cabinet for the dry kitchen.. nampak elegance kan? Hitam itu menawan..

Of course they are black and white people..ha..ha.. (joke for the day)..

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