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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Choosing A Contractor

The entry before ni, I ada mentioned pasal house renovation kan? This is the continuation of the entry. Ada yang bertanya pasal choosing a good contractor. Well, as for my case, I based on trust of my former contractor. Yang lain akak tak cayo dik ooiii. Nak pulak bila nengok rumah lain yang mana the contractors ambik kesempatan. Kesian youuu... Ada yang lari, ada yang separuh siap, ada yang siap tapi macam pahat masih berbunyi (tak sempurna) and ada yang siap tapi alahai.. hasil kerjanya.. sedih I nengok! Kalau kena dgn laki akak, dah lama dah!

I want to share with you some of the tips, kalau2 berguna:

1. Ask if the contractor will design and build or you need to get another designer yourself. Also, ask who will supervise the whole project.
** My contractor ni bukan lah interior designer tapi he's good in giving suggestions.
2. Ask what grade of workers he will use. When one contractor quotes you a high price and another quotes you very much lower, you'll need to understand what causes the price difference. Price differences come from materials, design, grade of workers and types of accessories used.
** Totally agree. Usually price comes with quality but need to be careful also. Jgn sampai tertipu plak.

3. When choosing a wireman (especially when he is working alone) make sure he is suitably qualified. Mistakes in wiring can cause an overload and leads to fire accidents.
** Usually the contractor comes with his own wiremen. My contractor ni, wireman dia, his brother in law. Senang kerja adik-beradik ni kot..

4. Ask how your contractor what steps he will take to minimise mess to your house.
** Ni tak payah tanya. My contractor memang bersih. Baca entry akak sebelum-sebelum ni yek. Dah melambung I muji dia. Tapi ye lah kan, dia tak lah baca blog akak ni. If baca, sure akak dapat discount lebe lagi.. ahaks!

5. Beware of rogue contractors.
** Ni yang I takut ni.. Kus semangat! Siah palih!

Working along with contractor is another subject. Nanti I cerita lah. Busy right now. Ni pun dah kira curi-curi masa je ni..


  1. Salam puan..boleh bagi contact number contractor tu x?
    Terima kasih!

  2. salam,

    saya hani, nak mintak contact contractor, sy dlm proses nak buat rumah skrg..tgh cari2 contractor..

    terima kasih kak. =)

  3. salam..boleh bagi contact number contractor tu tak..tgk kemas btul dia buat umah u tu..



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