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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remedy to Boost Milk Supply

I thought I would get this earlier. I dah made payment on the spot last week tapi sampainya baru semalam.. What a business macam ni. Bengang gak I tapi takpe lah kan? Janji sampai ke tangan I.

Have you heard about Lilith's Milk Tea? This remedy is to increase our breast milk supply. I used to take Milkmaid Tea time breastfeed Dik Man dulu. Tapi kali ni I nak cuba yang ni pulak. Baru minum semalam, tak taulah resultnya macamana hari ni. Yelah.. Aliaa pun dah dekat 2 tahun, so my milk dah start kurang tapi she is still bf. Susu ibu kan yang terbaik!!!

But my advise to those ibu-ibu yang nak ambik this remedy, better take it after your baby aged 6 month old. Takut nanti ada effect kat dia like panas badan ke, kembung perut ke. I ambik pun bila anak I dah umur cenggini.. Dah besar pun...

This is the thing.. I like to drink it hot but you can make it chill too. I add up 1 teaspoon of sugar. Macam kita buat teh o. Dulu, I tried to drink without sugar. Tak boleh pergi oooo... So, I add sugar and there.. I can drink dah.. thee..he..he..

This is the description of the tea ok... Enjoy breastfeed!!!

100% Certified Organic Made In USA

Lilith's Milk Tea is an effective blend of carefully selected organic herbs to increase and sustain milk production, helping the uterus to return to its former shape and strength, soothing baby's tummy, balancing hormones, and lending superior green nutritional support for both mommy and baby. Active ingredients include Organic Raspberry Leaves, Organic Oatstraw, Organic Red Clover Leaves and Flowers, Organic Dill Leaves and Seeds, Organic Anise Seeds, Organic Lemon Balm Leaves and Organic Spearmint Leaves. .

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