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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tips: Renovating New House

Before moving into our new house about a year ago, it was a massive plan actually because we have to make things done in a short period of time. Renovation needed to be done in 2 months taking into consideration the tenant wanted move into our house ASAP.

Knowing my hubby, he's kind of an organized person and he really looks and takes things very carefully and properly in a very timely schedule. And alhamdulillah, we managed to get things done within that period and we are almost satisfied. Not to say our house is 100% renovated tapi all the major construction and renovation were all done.

Here are some of the tips which I want to share with you, taken from one of interior designer's websites. Maybe you can make it as your guidance?
Renovating A New House

1. Before renovating, plan whether you intend to sell property in the future. Will the renovation add value to your property? Some renovations do not add value and can even turn off prospective buyers if not esthetically done.
** Agreed. Kadang2 ada orang tak suka taste yang kita suka. Ada suka English country, ada yang suka modern. Yang paling I tak tahan, ada yang tastenya macam orang dolu2 tu dik non ooiiii..

2. Everything goes through wear and tear and trends do change. Provide allowance for remodelling in the future.
** I do not agree with this. Banyak duit nak spend tu. I always go for simple, modern and yet elegance. Sepanjang zaman boleh tahan...

3. Plan a budget and get your priorities right. Don't be tempted to bust your budget even when some contractors try to hard-sell.
** Ini tersangat lah betul nya dik ooiii.. Kena put aside extra budget for add on factors. I rasa semua orang akan melalui ini :)

4. Extensions fall into the category of major renovation. Consider whether it's worth it in the long run.
** Especially the kitchen.... Yang lain, not necessary..

5. Remember trends change very fast! Something that looks modern today will look passe in another 7-10 years. If you do not wish to keep spending money to 'update' the look of your home, ask your designer to propose something that will withstand the test of time.
** Like I said before. Better, you choose your decoration and interior sendiri. Look up in magazines. Jangan lah kedekut nak membeli. For your own good gak...

6. Renovate first, then move in. Renovation work is dusty and messy!
** Yup! Especially yang ada anak kecik macam I ni ha..

7. Many people take a bank loan on top of their home mortgage to renovate.
** Never, never, never do this. Berapa banyak lagi kau nak berhutang dik oiiii...

8. Allow ample time for planning, sourcing, engaging your contractor or designer, designing, actual delivery of work and another 2 to 3 weeks after job delivery for rectifications and touch-ups. If you do not allocate enough time but plan your moving in on a tight're setting yourself up to a major heart-ache especially if your project is a major one!
** I leave it to hubby. And he has done a great job in making sure everything was in schedule. And our contractor, memang kelassss gitew...

9. Don't spend ALL your money on buying the property but later choose the cheapest stuff for its interiors. Nothing is less flattering than entering a grand bungalow and finding that its furnishings are all low-cost ones.
** This is truly funny and I have seen so many examples!!!

10. When you hire a contractor to do grills, make sure he provides sufficient numbers of escape exits. We've met a few contractors who do not provide enough escape doors if the house-owner forgot to specify. Their intention to undercut is to save some money but that is irresponsible!

** Yup! True! And make sure you know where you put the keys and remember the keys of the emergency entrance are located nearby and can be reached at all time.

11. Have you ever been to a house where you don't feel comfortable and your eyes hurt? That is what insufficient lighting can do. Install dimmers so that you can tone down for relaxation or brighten up for reading.
** That's what we did! Actually I hate yellow lights. Buat I fening.

12. Plan the functional usage for each and every corner of the house. Then only you will know what you require: electrical points, task lighting and future purchases.
** Very the true! Plan kat mana nak letak tv gedabak, Astro bagai, microwave, oven bagai.. kang menagis bila plugs tak cukup or nampak wire jalan merentas desa kang! Hiks!



  1. Kak, boleh share tak contact contractor akak + wireman + plaster ceiling + tiling and alarm?

    Saya nak masuk rumah baru and require their services since akak punya rating on them bagus.


  2. salam....kak, sy pun sama...boleh share tak contact contractor tu...thanks

  3. salam...kak blh sy dapatkan jgk contact kontraktor akak tu? sy pun tgh cari-cari org utk nak buat renovation kat rmh baru sy nti.. emel sy.

  4. Akak boleh x share jg.. Nama cntractor tu. can u email to Tq.


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