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Friday, November 9, 2012

Psychology of Colors (in House) - Part 1

I think you must have heard about the power or the aura of colors in our life? Well, I do believe that these colors play apart in creating mood and expressing emotions. Rumah I sekarang pun ada byk2 color so did our old house (apartment). Tapi in different context la. Kat apartment, the colors are more on the wall paintings but the new house, the colors are mor thru furnitures and others. Lets take a look of the psychology of colors here.. Manalah tau boleh ambik idea I ni kalau nak menghias rumah or sebagai..


True red is the most vibrant, compelling colour in the spectrum, expressing excitement, speed, power, joy, danger and passion.

- Red attracts immediate attention and brings objects or images to the foreground.

- Red makes people feel warm. Coffee will seem hotter in a red cup than in a blue one.

- Red is the first colour you lose sight of at twilight and is not well seen at a great distance.

- Barn, claret, and crimson reds are considered regal, exclusive, and strong and have great appeal for men.


Full of excitement and like to live in the moment. Easily bored, they also enjoy having the power to get things done quickly. Red lovers are passionate about life.

Here is our RED kitchen cabinet for our wet kitchen..he.he.. to tell you, the owner of this kitchen merangkap "mam" besar dalam umah, who is "ME" he.he.. memang ada ciri-ciri disebutkan kat atas. To sum it up, I memang garang you...!


Yellow is psychologically the happiest colour in the spectrum, associated with warmth, optimism, and joy.

- Yellow visually pops out at you, making it the most noticeable colour. It's therefore a favourite for signs and product packages.

- Yellow stimulates clear thinking. Black type on a yellow ground is the most legible colour combination and aids in memory retention.

- Yellow adds vitality to other colours, making hot hus appear even more brilliant and bringing cool colours to life.

- Overexposure to bright yellow can be unsettling. Paler hues are better for socializing, whereas gold tones signify wealth.


Generally happy, playful, and optimistic. If something isn't working in their life, they will quickly seek to change it. Spontaneous, they have boundless curiosity.
This is the 2nd room of our old house. Bilik ni my was my hubby's adopted room. Asalnya nak dicolor warna ala-ala matahari gitew tapi dah tersalah pilih color, jadi terang lah plak! Pas tu jadi bilik my maid.

P/S: I tak rasa my hubby ada characters kat atas..he.he.. what ever..


Orange is stimulating, energizing colour that appears friendly, outgoing, cheerful and adventurous.

- Bright orange has a very high visibility, making it ideal for warning signals or grabbing attention, even when used in small amounts.

- Easier on the eye, autumnal and spicy oranges are warm, exotic, and appetizing, while peach tones are most flattering to the skin.

- People who wear orange are thought to be creative, enthusiastic, and fun to be with, but possibly also a bit irresponsible.

- Because of its playful, active qualities, orange is a favourite of children, teens, and athletes.


Gregarious, dynamic and fun to be with. Flamboyant by nature, they don't mind sticking out in a crowd. They also have a great appetite for life and food.
So far, we all tak pernah lagi ada orange for our houses. Mungkin the color is too bright or memang tak pernah terfikir pun of this color. Tak menarik kot.. tapi this kitchen nampak cantik plak kan? What say you?


Pale green is physically the most relaxing and calming colour in the spectrum. As the easiest colour on the eye, it can improve vision.

- Vibrant greens remind people of the spring, nature, life, and youthful energy.

- Darker greens are associated with stability and growth, suggesting high economis status and success.

- Green is the worldwide symbol for safety. Green also means go.

- People who wear green are thought to be kind, dependable, and generous.


Feel safe and make the world a better place for others. They are generous with time and goodwill, but also can be stubborn about issues that are important to them.

Emm.. cozy nyer dinig room dia kan. Tapi ni dah concept English, tak sesuai plak utk rumah akak you... Kat Malaysia ni pun susah mau jumpa dining set hijau cenggitu so mak tak kuasa noks utk layan green color ni. Kalau bedroom, kira ok gak..


 Blue is the best liked of all colours and is a particular favourite of men.
- Practically all our associations with blue are positive, making it an uplifting and peaceful colour.

- Navy blue comands respect, representing loyalty, trustworthiness, fidelity, and integrity.

- Blue can make a space appear larger, and time seems to pass more slowly in its presence.

- Deep blue is associated with opulence in many cultures, and when you are the best, you get a "blue ribbon".


Like a sense of calm and order in their life. Trustworthy, they are also value loyalty in others. Sky blue attracts pleasure-seekers and daydreamers, while navy appeals to the serious and conservative.
Aaa..... menarik sekali.. White and blue, good combination of colors. Macam kat tepi pantai gitew.. I think this color suits my eldest son since his characters are much more like mentioned above. Sesuai...gitew...


Royal purple exudes class, power, passion, sensuality, and luxury.

- Deep plum is spiritual and mysterious, with a serious dignified quality.

- Lavenders and violets have a sweet, romantic, and nostalgic appeal.

 - People tend to get less work done in purple rooms because the colour encourages daydreaming.
- Women often cite purple as their favourite colour.

Known as a negotiator and have a strong desire to please. Though well-liked, they don't confide easily in others and enjoy a slight sense of mystery.
Ni rumah lama I.. the master bedroom. Combination of pink and purple untuk romatica d' armour..konon..

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