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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hatred, Jealousy.. Do I Care?

This was taken from Mrs Fashion Valet, who owns the famous fashion outlet in town..

The reason I want to share with readers is the smart answer from a smart lady out there.. Not to attack the hater(s) but instead, she gave a punch back but in a very soft manner, which can make us think the true meaning of life but never to forget the most important persons who stood behind and beside you whenever you fall or down or facing life challenges, the meaning of true friends (even you don't have many, it doesn't matter..) and the concept of rezeki from the Almighty through hard work and not by just sitting there doing nothing like pungguk tunggu bulan..

Something to share, when I first stated blogging, and started promoting my blog among friends, I received so many cakap-cakap belakang from some friends.. (Itu pun, I got to know the cakap-cakap from my true friends who really care about me and don't want me to get hurt).. But yeah.. being a human I can't help by being angry, menyampah, rasa macam nak tutup blog, nak private kan my blog, just because I do bother about the cakap-cakap.. Am afraid that I will loose my friends just by being me as whom you can see in my blog. But thinking back, why do I care what people say? Why I have to bother whether they like me or not? I have never being riak, never make enemy, never not to be friends with people, and yet people still can perceive me as so called a "show off" person and started to keep distance... Do I be like one? You judge yourself lah!

First of all, to all of you out there, just bear in mind, just don't look at the surface of what people have but instead, take a good lesson there. Why people can have it but I can't? For example, there are people who are born rich but it doesn't mean that they can be successful in building up their own fortune without hardwork, facing challenges and what not!? Kalau harta mak pak selonggok, tapi kau salah manage, tak dak brain, tak tau nak buat pa, dok saja.. kau akan jadi kaya selamanya ke? Usah mimpi!

But those who are not in that category, just save and save and save your money for the benefits... Itu saja! This is when you learn how to manage your finance situation. If our grandparents can do so (I think they were great examples that I can think of), why can't we? Even I am not the person who is good in this but my hubby really taught me well. Cerita-cerita sebaliknya, I can't tell but it's a long way to teach and train me (in a hard way lah).. And I should be thankful for that.

This blog, as I mentioned, is about my life, preference and interest, At the same time, I want to share with people, how I managed to get good things with good bargain and good price and where to get them. I and hubby really value every single cent of of our money spent. In all aspects I should say.. From buying things up to vacation and so on.. We plan, we seek for better rates and the best offer.. And at the same time, this is the life of my happy family with the bless from Allah and doa' from our parents, Alhamdulillah..

Well, I dah bebel panjang berjela.. I hope this can remind myself too.. Only Allah knows each of his mankind..

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