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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Abang's Celebration!

A bit late and a surprise to us and him also. Actually we planned to have a dinner outside tapi bila sampai rumah, tok and nenek nya and Acu sekali datang to celebrate the birthday of Danish Imran. So, just be it!

Dah besar anak Ma.. Thn depan Tahun 1 ye

In Ultraman costume outfit

Papa pasang lilin with the 2 were so eager to tiup

Aliaa yg nak menerkam and Dik Man dgn muka seribu muslihat...

Abg dapat remote car from the grandparents.. Yeay!

Acu with Dik Man yg just makan coklat. The cake is courtesy from Acu from Secret Recipe... thanks Acu.. Sedap kek ice-cream ni.. Nyum, nyum...

Iron Man in Superman outfit? Ha...ha..

Ni tah mana Dik Man dapat puting ni tah. Ni mesti dalam bakul tpt simpan brg2 lama ni. Actually this pacifier my mum beli for Abg, just stand by je. Bak kata org tua2, baby suka puting tapi my kids never used puting ye. I really prohibit using it after reading so many articles which say that pacifier ni tak bagus. And kids tak pernah meragam by not kulum "ing" this invented thing.

Such a happy boy...

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