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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty Damn Busy

Lots of my friends did ask me, "Why your blog has not being updated for so long?" Actually, it was not that long though. Yup! Pretty damn busy with all chores arranging the time and handling the task after moving into our new house.. ha..ha.. I want to spell it loud here.. Yes! We have moved to our new house, finally... Where? Let make it a secret kay? Whoever knows the location, just keep it to yourself but to those who are still eager to know the place, then contact me personally...

Actuall, I have lots to tell readers but I don't have my time yeyt. But just be patient, just let me settle down, then I will story to oyou all... Peace!!

But I still miss my blog so here, I'm back again but not on the enrty of my house definitely. But about something else. Why don't I just let you all enjoy some of my brooch collections perhaps?

Ni among my favourites... The white pearl is genuine kay. My brother beli kan.. And the brooch in purple color, I wear it on my wedding day, time bersanding you! Still maintain sampai la ni...

Ni yg bebiasa je. The green and the leaf brooch, if I'm not mistaken, are aged 10 years.. Wow! All from Avon. I suka beli Avon nyer brooch sbb batu dia tak senang tanggal or jatuh, last long and cantik. Worth value of money.

Ni I bought in pairs purposely to pin kat kiri kanan bahu. Macam paku sarjan plak ye.. The first pairs is from Avon but the other 2, ini mahal punya. I beli kat Semua House, ada kedai kat bawah tu. Kalau batu jatuh, can replace. The long pairs actually I pernah ada tapi tah mana I misplaced, I beli yg baru. I really love to wear them. Memang cantik and kelassss gitew!

Ni yg ordinary saja. Caya atau tidak, the first 2, usianya dah 20 thn. I beli time I lepas SPM tu! The rest are from Avon also....

Ni jenis tangling. I love the blue at the center, exclusively from Avon. The red flower, memang hampeh! Ni la dia kalau beli kat pasar2 tepi2 jln ni. Memang murah tapi tak dah kualiti. Pakai sekali dua dah tercabut and tercicir batu sana sini.

Pin biasa2 je.. More to come but not now... I think you all mesti collection gila2 nya kan dalam simpanan. Well, I'm not that kind of person yg ada collection of brooches yg expensive and bagak2 tu. I don't really like it. Macam mummy jarum plak kalau pakai. Same goes to jewelry. I tak da pun collection. Apa yg I pakai kat bdn, tu je lah.. Lagi pun zaman la ni, takut nak pakai brg kemas kat luar.. Takut kena sentap! Lagi pun I lost my jewelry few years back time kecurian di rmh org tua di kg... Nak collect balik? Emmmm.. nanti dulu lah kot..

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