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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Handbags Collection (Part I)

He.he.. akak tau, kalau citer pasal handbags ni, mesti u all teruja kan? Kan? Kan? Especially to all ladies out there, ni la, org kata boleh cuci mata, leh ngutuk, leh ambik tips and sebagai. Actually my handbags collection is not that kind of range of designer's handbags. But, but, but.. I love to window shop all those designers' handbags. So if people want to kelentong me, see my legs first la. In fact, I know the name of each collection of designers' handbags (not to say all la.. but boleh lah...).

But to buy the designers' handbags, it is not the time yet la. Just KIV (keep in view). For me, to spend that some of money for that kind of handbags, I would rather substitute it to something else which is more worth buying and valuable. Jewelry u might guess..ha..ha.. Oh! No, no, no..! After almost all my jewelry kena curi (a long time story), I would rather not to buy that kind of item for the time being. But depends gak la since sekarang I ada princess ma...

Ni some of my handbags collection ya.. enjoyz!!!!

This is the Liz Clairborne collection. I bought it about 3 years back at Parkson Pavilion. Can't remember the price. So many compartments and suitable for office wear and for casual also so I can dump in many things including the nappies and wipes, and also bottles!!! Ha..ha..

The Polo Racquet handbag. Very the small and leceh nak bukak sbb ada itu buckle. Hardly use since not user friendly. Camana I leh terbeli pun tak tahu...

This is my Long Champ le Pliage collection. Medium size, short handles, directly bought from UK via my personal shopper, Diva Darling. Thanks. I love it. Memang sesuai utk lambakan brg2 and sampah2 kalau shopping. I love red color. Nampak striking..

Ini bag, wuiyoh! Sudah manayak lama ooo... I bought it in Bangkok when I stayed there followed my hubby who was working there. Eh! Silap2. I nak beli tapi my friend bought for me as souvenir (Thanks Ming  Kwan). Ramai yang tanya the price but when I mentioned the price was 100 bath (lebih kurang 10 ringgit je), ramai yang tak caya. Macam mahal je, kata depa. Bukan sorang dua ye yg kata tapi ramai gak lah... he..he.. ada macam LV tak? Perasan. I'm still using it and I memang sayang dengan this bag. Still in good condition.

The Dockers napsack which I go it free when buying khakis from the same brand. Sudah sgt lama since I bujang lagi la... Masih elok and I bawak for casual wear.

Ni bag buruk mana plak ni.. ha.ha... Ini lah handbag hantaran kahwin akak... The Balenciaga and quite small. Rosak sbb tak maintain and the waste part is, I jarang guna. Konon nak simpan for certain occasion tapi dek terlampau simpan lah jadi camni..

So, end of the story pasal handbag. Nanti akak citer lagi k?

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