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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Choosing A Cooker Hood

My friend is moving into a new house and she did ask my opinion about choosing a cooker hood. Well, for us (who were living in an apartment before) now, moving to a landed property, of courselah nak "ups" sikit kan? We know that every single brand in the market has their own specialty but usually we don't know what suits us best. I mean to cater our needs...

For me, my concern is just simple, choose the good ones to avoid smoke and the oil spread to the entire house. If not, satu rumah boleh bau ayam goreng. Even my house does have a separation door between the wet and the dry kitchen but still, the bau meresap ke seluruh rumah tu... macam asap lampu Aladdin pun ada...he..he...

And here are my tips:

All those recommended brands like ELBA, FAGOR, ZANUSSI, are reputable ones so it doesn't matter so much what brand you choose. For a strong suction hood choose something of 1200 m3 suction power. tHE most important is to plan your ducting (to channel the hot air out of the house) as short as possible. The longer the ducting, the lesser the suction power. Similarly for each time the ducting bends, the suction power is reduced.

If there are no large windows in the kitchen, you'll need a ventilation fan to remove stale air. A ventilation fan does not serve the same purpose as a hood and so does not substitute the other.

My principle is simple so up to you to choose. I had FAGOR in the house!!! FUJIOH, far from budget though it's damn good!!

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