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Friday, April 13, 2012

Norman's School Event

This serves as a reminder to myself yang asyik dok lupa ni. Maybe it's the sign of me getting older.. Yeah, with many things cracked into my head plus my own notebooks, which most of the time I couldn't remember where did I put them until being found by accident. With outdated events and dates, better I put my kids' school announcement and event here...

Date: 19 APRIL 2012 (Thursday)
Event: Nur Khalifah Kindergarden Annual School Trip
Time: 8.30 am - 4.00 pm

1) Petroscience (KLCC) -
2) Ostrich farm  & Pony Ride - dunno where.. I only know one at my hometown in Seremban (Jelita Ostrich Farm). Very the famous sampai keluar paper sebab ada orang racun semua ostrichs sampai mati. Poor animals.
3) Beryl's Chocolate Factory - yummy! I nak kirim banyak-banyak kat anak I lah!

Supervising Teachers & Assistance: 20
Total no. of students: 92
Student/ teacher ratio: 1:4

Meals to be provided: Breakfast & lunch (good, good)
Attire: School uniform (I tak kisah sbb uniform depa sgt cantik)

Dik Man kena bring own water bottle. Pakai yang ada udahla. Jgn suruh Mama beli baru plak. Angry Bird tu..

The best part, students tak dikenakan bayaran pun. Unlike kindy yang Dik Man pergi dulu. Semua nak kena hulur duit. Bukan sikit tau! Beratus-ratus gak lah. Kena 2 orang anak, hah! Tak lari budget den time tu???!!!! If nak buat business pun, jangan lah sampai camtu sekali Ms Principal oooiii....

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