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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Mascara, Lip Gloss, Lipstick Gals!

I love make up. I have collections of them. I have tried several jenama. I would definitely go for branded items. Ops! Don't get me wrong. Bukan I tak pernah try jenama biasa-biasa tapi I prefer branded ones because of reasons: Long lasting, nice colors, good products come with good research (but never come with good price..ha..ha.)

 From Max Factor.. Dulu jenama ni ada kat market tapi they made a come back. The eyeliner, which I love to apply. So smooth. The foundation which is not sticky and tak lekat kat tudung. You don't feel like you are wearing any on your face. And the mascara. Ni I tak berapa suka sgt. Even it can lengthen your lashes but I dislike the applicator. Susah nak tanggal kalau nak ambik wuduk.

Some of my lip gloss collection. I like the soft colors. I love them all. They are just perfect for all kind of lipsticks colors.

Seriously, I truly in deep love of this Benetint for cheek just like the deep red.. Eh! Kalau apply kat pipi nan gebu tu, tak lah semerah yang disangka. Bukan macam, "Merah sangatlah Mak Ngah. Macam org dulu-dulu" (Hah! Korang ingat tak iklan ni. Ni zaman I kecik-kecik dulu, iklan ni sumgguh femes tau!)

You should try this Benetint. I tak mau komen apa-apa. Tapi, for me, I would go for this and tak mau tukar-tukar lagi for whatever pipi merah (Ah cheh! Englishnya: blusher) because nampak tak natural when it isbeen applied to cheek. 

The top mascara is from Estee Lauder. I love all types of Estee mascara. Sgt senang tanggal ketika wuduk. Dia akan jadi gumpalan-gumpalan macam daki tu by just wiping your lashes with water. Try lah..

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